Yacht Charter Gocek

yacht charter in gocek You can settle on board in gocek harbor at 15:30. On the first day on the boat, the service starts with dinner. Marmaris is one of the Karya cities,

Was founded on the ancient city and remained under the dominance of various civilizations. The most important work that can be seen today is the ruins of Marmaris built in 1577. There is also a mosque dating from the Ottomans and a caravanserai with arches on it consisting of eight rooms. yacht charter gocek

Antique ruins are located on AsarTepe hill which is to the north of the city. Marmaris,

Which is one of the most important tourist centers of Turkey, also has a large yacht harbor. yacht charter gocek

Yacht Charter Gocek

yacht charter in gocekYour dream journey begins with Ekincik Gulf. You can take a tour of Dalyan which is optional from Ekincik Gulf. The small boat passes through the delta of nature and reaches Dalyan which is said to be a Kariya city and to be laid by the son of Miletos.

City, Caretta – Caretta turtles exhibit natural beauty with its ancient value carried by the Rock Tombs, Acropolis Castle, Ancient Theater and Church Complex. Afterwards, you go to the beach of Caretta – Caretta (iztuzu) for a swim in the mud bath and the last stop. It is in Ekincik Gulf. yacht charter Gocek..

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